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About is a company based in the United States. We plan on reducing the unemployment crisis in many African countries. Our developers are creating a platform where employers can easily find qualified workers for various positions in their establishment. Therefore, we aim to work with employers across Africa to give you the latest information on job openings and recruitment opportunities,

Many potential employees are unemployed today because they lack vital information about company recruitment exercises and job listings. We are here to solve that problem by searching for employers who are looking for employees, and updating our website with the information and giving our readers the requirements and all they need to apply.

Please, we have no influence or control over who will be employed or not. will only give you the job requirements and tell you how to apply. For some specific jobs, we will only send the CVs/ Resumes to the employer for them to pick their best choices.

We don’t charge prospective job seekers for most of our services. We only charge for personal Career Advice and Writing of CVs and Cover letters. We don’t charge for job listings, and we can’t influence or guarantee employment. Let us reiterate that we don’t accept money for work; neither do we guarantee employment.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us.