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How To Ace Virtual Interviews Fast- 2020 (7 Real Tips That Work)

Virtual interviews are gaining popularity nowadays, with more and more employers preferring such interview processes – primarily when potential candidates are based in different geographical locations.

A virtual interview helps an employer learn more about a possible candidate than a telephone interview would enable them to and allows them to get an overall sense of who the candidate is as a person.

It also makes the hiring process comfortable and cost-effective for both employer and potential employee for the position.

The most common virtual interviews occur on Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts. These two applications make it easy to set up and begin communication with future employers.

Whether it’s a virtual interview or a personal face-to-face meeting, it’s essential to conduct and present yourself in the same professional manner.

Since virtual interviews deal with technology, there are certain vital factors that you should remember to follow before you appear for one. Use these seven essential tips to help put you in the best light for your virtual interview. 10 Work From Home Jobs To Engage In Now

  1. Secure a Username or a Handle

The first and foremost important thing required for setting up a virtual interview is to have a username or a handle.

Make sure your username or handle is professional with your name in it. Certainly, any casual type user ID such as partygurl45 or blueberryfanatic won’t look professional in the eyes of the employer.

  1. Find an Appropriate Place for your virtual Interview

How To Ace Any Virtual Interview (7 Real Life Tips)

Remember, your future employer can see more than your face during the interview. It’s crucial, then, for you to select a room with a proper background.

Avoid having a window or a bed behind you. Sit in the office area of your house or an area with a low contrast background and avoid an all-white background. Having artwork or design pieces behind you can often appear professional and can help create a professional feel during the interview process.

Make sure you are in a quiet area without any disturbances. Keep pets or kids away, if you are a work at home mom, or turn off the TV in the next room.

If possible, close the door to every possible noisy and distracting element for an undisturbed interview session – whether you are on the phone or the webcam.

  1. Dress Well

How To Ace Any Virtual Interview (7 Real Life Tips)

Just because you’re in the comfort of your home and not having a face-to-face interview doesn’t mean you can wear your t-shirt and pajamas for the interview.

Even when you are conducting a virtual interview at home, getting dressed will make you feel confident and make you look professional, which will affect your performance.

Avoid big accessories such as hats and noisy jewelry that might cause a distraction during the interview.

So dressing with minimal accessories will help keep the focus on you and not your surroundings.

  1. Check Technical Glitches

Another crucial component of having a virtual interview run smoothly is to check for any technical glitches.

Before the interview, test the sound level, Internet connection, and webcam. Make sure that everything is working correctly. Set yourself up so that the interviewer can see you from the shoulder up and not everything in your room.

Have a backup plan in case there are technical errors instead of getting worried during the interview. Stay calm, call back as technical glitches are common, and let the interviewer know your backup plan.

  1. Check the Clock Often

Time is precious. Be careful about the amount of time you take in answering each question as many virtual interviews have time limits.

So, be precise with your replies and see that your responses are detailed. It might also help to have a notepad and pen handy – to take notes about the potential job and to help you streamline your answers and stay focused.

  1. Always Remain Calm

Interviews can be overwhelming and anxiety-provoking.

When we are nervous, we tend to speak fast, skip words and sometimes freeze, unable to say anything.

Remember, to speak slowly and always smile. Candidates who showcase a genuine personality trait during the virtual round and maintain their level of professionalism are often selected for the next set of interviews.

  1. Rehearse the Interview Questions

It is better to rehearse with someone the questions that might be asked during a virtual interview. This will help you get ready for the interview and get comfortable with using technology.

Consider your strengths and weaknesses, as you will encounter traditional questions too. Be prepared for a variety of questions.

Also, prepare and practice questions about which you cannot research on your own.

Virtual interviews provide you with the opportunity to prove your talents and skills from the comfort of your home. Stay confident, keep that smile on your face, and prepare to ace your next virtual interview.