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Job interview tips for freshers and students (8 Important things you must do during a job interview)

job interview tips

Job interview tips are important because many of us are scared to engage in conversations that determine if we will get a job or not. Even the most confident of us need to do some necessary preparations before appearing for a job interview. The fact is that a job interview is a crucial step in the recruitment process. It is a way to screen people so that the best ones can be chosen for a particular job profile.

Every job has some special requirements which are suitable for a particular type of person. A person’s ability to do a job ideally is directly related to the strengths and weaknesses they have. And these strengths are not academic merits. For example – a factory manager has to be good at supervising. They are in charge of all the different processes so they should also be good at analyzing things and making decisions based on sound analysis. A person who cannot make the right decision in time may not be suitable for such a job. In short, a job interview is vital to match the appropriate candidate for a particular job profile.

However, there are many  job interviews tips which can be followed by a candidate to ensure that he does well in an interview. If a person is well prepared for a job interview, it will make him a lot more confident, which in turn will increase the chances of his selection. No company would like to hire a person who is not knowledgeable in their field and cannot work under a little bit of pressure. After all, a company is looking for an asset that can add a lot of value.

job interview tips.

1. Know about the company and the position of the job you may be applying.

job interview tips

Getting yourself familiar with the company, its formation, structure, goals, processes, hierarchy, and revenue generation activities will help you in knowing about it in a broader sense. You will also know about your position and role in the whole structure so that you feel a part of it. Researching this information is a significant part of job interview tips which should not be missed. It is advisable to grab as much information as you can about the company and the position you aspire to work.

job interview tips.

2. Know your employer and the directors or policymakers of the company and their vision.

Such a study will prepare you for any unexpected questions you may be asked in the interview, and your knowledge about the organization will only add to your chances of getting the job. It is reasonable to get a thorough understanding of your specific field, as well as the industry as a whole. Now, this can get very specific depending upon the type of industry you will be working; this is especially true for technical people.

It would help if you were confident about your area of expertise because you will always be asked about something that tests your knowledge. Never give a vague answer or try to deviate the conversation, or you may end up going in unknown territory. Please keep it in a tight area, where you are most confident.  A lot of people make this mistake and end up doing more bad than good. The more you fumble, the more you show signs of nervousness, the more bad vibes you will give out.

Be aware that you are trying to sell yourself to the person interviewing you. Now, you may have heard or read this a lot of times when reading about job interview tips, but this is true. When you are selling yourself, you have to make a point to show your strengths. The interviewer should get a feeling that they are getting a valuable asset for a company, and the person should not slip out, or they could be benefiting the competitors. Any interview process is two-way communication.

Most of the times, the interviewers are in a state of mind where they want to reject candidates so that it’s easy to screen the ones which are left after the interview process. Your job should be to change this rejection mode to the acceptance one. If you can do this, more than half of your job is already done.

3. Present yourself in a way that is suitable for the job.

job interview tips

Without even understanding what to wear, do not go for a job interview. Every component of your job interview ought to be researched. Your research should include the kind of clothes to wear and how to present yourself. Choose to wear clothing to match the type of role you’re applying for, try to wear something professional unless the work requires something different, try to avoid skimpy dressing as well.

Now being presentable means being neat tidy and organized. Again no one would like to have an employee who is shabby or who cannot take care of themselves. Dressing neatly and looking professional is a critical factor when you are applying for jobs that require some public interaction. In a way, these jobs make or break the image of a company. So, front desk jobs and jobs in the hospitality industry are excellent examples of this. In such employment, your mannerisms, patience, and public dealing skills will also be seen, which is the reason why you have to present yourself according to the job profile.

If you are talking to a recruiter before the interview, it is essential to ask them about the dress code so they can help you select a great outfit that fits the job. If you do not have someone to ask, do some research to learn what is appropriate and acceptable to the company.

Preparing for job interviews is not a tough task once you know the whole process; you need to understand it well. If you don’t feel very confident, practicing or visualizing it can also help a lot. These are some of the job interview tips which can help you in making the most out of any opportunity that you may get.

4. Practice your responses to frequently asked job interview questions.

Prepare and practice your reply to this frequent question: “Tell me about yourself, and why are you considering this job with our business?”  The notion is to convey what value you’ll bring into the establishment and the business. It is also advisable to practice other interview questions before you go for any interviews, these job interview tips will help you build your confidence and will give you things to say when you go for the interview. They always say practice makes perfect and better preparation brings excellent results.

5. Arrive at the job interview location at least 30 minutes – 1 hour early

job interview tips

It is crucial to arrive early at the job location because;

  • It tells the company that you are a punctual person who will always make it on time if you finally get the job.
  • Arriving at the job interview location on time gives you enough time to feel comfortable before the interview, and it helps you to release your nerves and stay calm.
  • There’s a psychological effect that increases your confidence. Arriving early for your job interview gives you more time to study the work environment.
  • You will have enough time to arrange all your documents and everything you will need for the interview.
  • It reduces the pressure and gives enough room to communicate with employees and ask essential questions that may help you during the interview. 

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6. Keep your response concise


Do not be tempted to provide too much detail unless requested to provide further information. Quite often we can tend to begin babbling, which could cause the interviewer to become suspicious.


Never, ever lie about the reason for seeking new job opportunities but rather, stick with the facts. If the reason for your wanting to leave has the potential to leave a negative impression with the interviewer, ensure you tell them what you did and what you have learned from the incident.


7. Don’t speak negatively about your current or previous employers.


Even if there are truths behind what you are saying as this again could cause the interviewer to become suspicious. A personality clash could be portrayed as a difference in working styles or a company culture that was not congruent to your style; or perhaps a change in management due to a company merger resulted in a new team being brought on board. Then end your response by adding a contribution that you secured while on that team, for instance “Prior to the merger and management changeover, I won xx awards for achieving highest-ever revenues three months consecutively in 2019.”

8. Follow Up After The Interview

Many people go for interviews and forget that it is vital to follow up. Always send an email to your employer after the interview. It could be a thank you note or something that will remind them that you appreciate interviewing with them. Also, ask questions about the position you applied for and inquire about other jobs you may be qualified. Don’t relax after a job interview; research shows that people who follow up have better chances of getting the job.


I hope these job interview tips will provide you with insight into the best way to approach job interviews. While many may think it is a daunting task, I would say it has a lot to do with preparation and understanding the position you may be applying for very well. Being confident and bold about your qualifications and fitness for the job will help your interview to go smoothly.

One other bonus information amongst the job interview tips for a successful job interview is to tie your replies back to your skills and accomplishments. With any question you answer, you must link your job experiences to the position you are applying for by giving examples of your achievements and problem-solving abilities. Take advantage of every opportunity to address the requirements listed in the project description.

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