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10 Work From Home Jobs To Engage In Now

Work from home jobs is in high demand. With job search for home employment increasing steadily over recent years, more and more people are ditching the commute and the traditional workplace for a better life working from home. Since 2005 work-at-home increased by 103% and has increased by 6.5% alone in 2014 according to Global Workplace Analytics. Twice as many people are working from home now than just ten years ago, and there is no indication that this growth rate is going to slow down anytime soon. The Top 10 Work from Home Jobs is among the most popular opportunities for remote workers looking to gain online employment.

Work from home jobs has many obvious benefits, like having a flexible schedule, saving time and money not commuting, being around for your family and so much more. When asked, most workers would prefer to work from home than at the office, according to a research report from GWA, which reports that 80%-90% of workers would like to telecommute at least part-time. That’s a fantastic statistic, almost 9 out of 10 workers would like to be able to work remotely.

Work from home jobs is not for everyone, and many industries simply could never be outsourced to remote workers, such as firefighters, mechanics or factory workers. However, many people that have a traditional onsite or in-office job are searching for second opportunities online. Part-time positions and freelance opportunities are great ways to break into the remote workplace. There is a greater diversity of different types of employment through remote opportunities than with a typical position. Being that a job seeker for remote work can find part-time and full time and everything in-between kinds of jobs that might typically not be available in the traditional workplace.

The Top 10 Work from Home Jobs list helps to explain where a lot of the telecommuter growth has been in recent months. The following three parameters were used to build this Top 10 List:

  • Good pay; we all work to get paid, that’s the purpose, so the industries need to pay competitively.
  • Job Growth and Stability; industry factors that could positively or adversely affect people’s jobs.
  • Reviews & Requests; from members of our community, were given high consideration.

Using the three criteria listed above, I went to work analyzing the different Work from home jobs we see most frequently and using the data from customer service and career guidance inquiries received. (uphob jobs) provides Job Recommendation and Career Guidance services to its members, so each week, hundreds of job requests are received, providing us with real-time demand from our candidates). Using the proprietary data and demand flow from our job-seekers, I constructed the following Top 10 List:

#1 Customer Service Jobs

Customer Service opportunities are a staple of the work from home jobs industry. One of the first telecommute opportunities to take off, online virtual support agents, virtual receptionists and a variety of different customer service jobs are among the top prospects for a stable long term career. Customer service positions are among the most requested areas at jobs uphob, and I am very confident that the demand for service and support jobs will only be increasing. Customer support jobs are especially popular with part-time workers because they tend to have very flexible schedules. The average salary range for Customer Service is $29K to $36K a year, based on data from PayScale and Simply Hired.

#2 Data-Entry & Typing Jobs

Data Entry and typing opportunities are not exactly the highest paying careers; in fact, the average data entry salary only pays around $34,000 a year. The reason data entry opportunities are even on this top 10 list, is because of their demand. The requests for data entry and typing opportunities is very high. Job seekers are interested in typing and data entry because they tend to be easy jobs. Many of these positions require little experience and therefore appeal to a broad audience of workers. The average salary range for Data-Entry and Typing Work is $25K to $40K a year.

#3 Writing & Blogging Jobs

Top 10 work from home jobs

Writing job opportunities and blogging careers are not high paying opportunities, but they have proper schedules. Professional writers typically have numerous freelance writing opportunities at any given time. Bloggers don’t rely on a single employer for work, they get multiple assignments, typically all low paying, but a successful writer will build up their reputation and their connections and can make a very respectable living. The best advice I can give future work from home writers is to be proactive.

When you get paid for blogging, you need to keep searching for new writing assignments. While the pay is not great, and it’s not the most stable job, there are a lot of them out there, especially with the massive increase in content marketing, good bloggers have been able to earn a lot of money. The most significant benefit of being a work from the home blogger is the free schedule it brings. You can typically write at any time and leave your other times of the day for other matters. The average salary range for Writing and Blogging is $35K to $47K a year.

#4 Healthcare Jobs

Healthcare careers are probably the most surprising industry on this Top 10 list. While the doctors and nurses are still at your local medical office and hospitals, the information and technologies that power the healthcare industry have gone digital. Keep in mind that healthcare opportunities cover a wide scope of careers that make up many other industries. Healthcare careers include financial auditors, data entry clerks, web developers, all industries within the higher category of Healthcare employment.

Healthcare opportunities for telecommuting positions will increase significantly in the years to come. The opportunity for growth and for developing home businesses that support healthcare is huge. The average salary range for Healthcare careers is $42K to $72K a year. The recent pandemic means Work from home jobs in this industry will spike in the coming months. How to be an expert in your job. (career management.)

#5 Education Jobs

work at home jobs

Online education jobs have exploded in popularity in recent years. It’s tough to surf the web without seeing ads for one degree or another, many of which are being run by outsourced educators and administrators. Remote workers mostly run these online universities, college prep websites, exam preps, degree certifications and countless other education opportunities. The teachers, the administrators, the finance departments, and admissions are all jobs that can be done through telecommuting. Education employment online has been growing for many years, and at this time, doesn’t appear to be going away. The average salary range for the online education industry is $24K to $48K a year.

#6 Sales Jobs

Sales jobs are among the oldest freelance and work from home careers. Sales jobs have two primary categories; inside and outside sales. Inside sales are typically performed using the phone and email and are the more common type of sales that people do online. It does not take much experience to start a telecommuting career for inside sales; as long as you have the drive and are a naturally social and outgoing personality, you should succeed. Outside sales are when you meet your clients at their company. While this is not office work, it’s not precisely work-at-home all the time.

While much of an outside sales person’s preparation may be performed in the home office, they will need to hit the road and meet and greet the clients. A sales job is not for everyone; if you are good at sales, you can earn over a hundred thousand dollars a year, but if you don’t feel comfortable selling, pick another industry. The average salary range for online sales .opportunities is $22K to $59K a year.

#7 Social Media Jobs

work from home jobs

Social Media Manager jobs are on the rise! Ten years ago, this industry was just getting started, and few companies knew much about how to use social media as a marketing tool. Now, social media marketing is an essential part of just about any business. The demand for skilled and knowledgeable social media managers is growing and should continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Most social media positions are 100% telecommute. Social media employment has been especially popular with younger workers and recent college graduates.

While being raised in the digital age is not a prerequisite for this career path, it certainly has its advantages. Social media managers have a natural connection and obsession with the web; you know if you are one of them. The average salary range for Social Media Managers is $43K to $54K a year.

#8 Computers and Technology Jobs

Computer and technology careers are among the best opportunities to earn money online. While some talented Web developers have been self-taught, the technology field is vast, complex and most positions will require several degrees and specialty certifications. If you have the time and talent, you can acquire all of this training from the comfort of your remote office, as these can be learned online.

While the value of many degrees is debatable, few can argue the value of an education that prepares you for a career in a dynamic world of computers and technology. The earnings potential for most fields in this industry is high paying and in very high demand. The average salary range for Customer Service is $43K to $52K a year. Computer technology jobs effortlessly make our work from home jobs list.

#9 Medical Coding and Transcription Jobs

work at home jobs

Medical Coding and transcription jobs are not as sought after as other outsourced opportunities but are one of the more stable and well-paying careers many people know little about. While the average salary of a medical transcriptionist is less than $20 an hour, many experienced transcribers create their small businesses providing medical coding and transcription services and make incomes above $75K a year. But, before you dive into online medical transcription and coding, you will need to get a professional certification.

Lastly, I like transcription jobs for medical industry because healthcare is growing quickly. As healthcare evolves, so does the demand for work-at-home medical coders and transcribers. The average salary range for transcription is $30K to $44K a year. Apply For  Latest Jobs In Nigeria

#10 Administration and Clerical Jobs

Administration and clerical employment is slowly but surely beginning to move from the back-office to the home-office. While the transition to telecommuting has been a bit slow for this industry, we are seeing more work from home job opportunities for administrators and project managers. Companies are going green by reducing paper and traditional filing systems that once required clerical workers and administrative assistants to be onsite.

Digital record-keeping and data management has replaced the old back-office and is opening up a new generation of remote-based administrative and clerical workers. The average salary range for Administration is $32K to $56K a year.

The Top 10 Work from Home Jobs list above is only a small representation of all of the online job opportunities available today. Opportunities like customer service and writing, which have been around for many years, make up the top of our list. However, we are increasingly seeing more demand for new industries like; social media managers and technology developers.

As the web grows, the jobs that build and run the internet are increasing as well. Based on external and internal data reports, the demand for online, remote jobs is going to be very strong for years to come.

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